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Facts about the Twins

· Both love Bon Jovi and visited a concert in Wolverhampton in June 2003
· As kids they had two bearded collies named Tom and Jerry
· Favorite Hobby: Golf. James handicap is 17 and Oliver´s 20 (not current)
· They love playing X-Box and Playstation. Favorite games for PS are: SSX, Gran Turismo 3, Starwars bombad racer and tekken tag
· Christmas 2001. Oliver got a mini disc player and James a new mobile phone. He drove everyone crazy, cause he changed the ringtone 4-5 times on the day
· Both love the snow and James went for a walk in the near park. He came back wet and cold
· In march 02, Oliver bought a X-Box. He installed the console in James room. Next morning, (it was 8 am) James came in his room to ask how the features work.
· During the shootings, they visited Madame Tussauds with their friend Luke Youngblood
· Both invested their money in properties
· They love Funparks
· One of them was waken up with a “foghorn”. Some friends hold the horn on his ear. He woke up with a shock.
· Both have the driving licence
· James used his licence as a coaster for the drinks
· Their favorite book characters are: Fred, George and Peeves
James doesn´t want to go to the college


· He wears a necklace and a bracelet on his left wrist.
· Dislike subject: chemistry
· Got from “vegetable Maiden” on the C4 a bra full with potatoes
· Two dozen girls asked to get a kiss from him.
· Talked to much in school
· Collects Album covers
· looks more feminine than oliver
· Has a mole on his upper left arm
· Loves dogs and birds
· Hates it if someone calls him Jamie
· Has a scar on his left eyebrow
· His favorite Nick Toons are Doug & hey Arnold
· Loves to run in the morning
· Got from Oliver to his 24th birthday a hearing equipment for his iphone

Favorite songs: Bon Jovi: Bounce, Everyday, Livin’ On a Prayer,Wanted Dead or Alive, I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead;
Red Hot Chili Peppers: By the Way, Under the Bridge


· Has on his right neck two small moles
· Wears on the left wrist a watch and sometimes a chain
· Is friendly and respectful to elders
· Loves to flirt with the girls and have always a grin on his face
· His voice is a little bit deeper than James
· Is 13 min. older than his brother
· Dislike subject: religion education
· Someone asked him to pose naked
· Loves dogs
· named his Car Sidney
· doesn´t like the rain, because he can´t go for a walk or do other staff
· doesnt like tantrum kids
· he got from James to his 24th Birthday a vacuum-cleaner · favorite Nick Toons are Rocko, Doug, Ren and Stymp
i and Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Favorite Songs: Bon Jovi: Keep the faith;
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Californication

Thanks to OliverPhelpsFan